viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

FG avance de color

En respuesta a todos esos comentario que me pidieron la versión a color de este dibujo les comento que finalmente estoy trabajando en ella. Por el momento les voy a dejar este pequeño adelanto donde se aprecia parte de la imagen (el resto creo es demasiado explicito para el blog). Una vez la termine, podrán encontrarla (ahora si la versión completa) en mi galería de HF.

2 comentarios:

  1. WOW, that picture looks outstanding and has a amazing coloring style!!! you really impresed/amazed my sir, I no expected a so awesome picture just one day after your return to activity on sketchblog.

    about this picture, its has a awesome high quality effects and coloring tecniques, something that I really wating to see: amazing colors/textures(the texture and colors of her body and hair are outstading indeed), nice light effects(the light efects make her body more sexy and witha realistic visual. also add some sexy look to her face) and great color details on her body(the best part indeed, all this small colored detail on her face and the amazing job on her hair make this picture one of your best coloring work from the previous months).

    about this FG/OC, she sure looks outstanding, both for the sexy pose and facial expression and for the amazing color and model details. her face model has great small details that with amazing coloring tecniques make her expression even more interesting and sexy too see(perfect for a more echhi/hentai picture like this one ;D ).

    about her, she looks fantastic indeed: as already sayed, great job on both her facial sexy expression( I forget the name of this expression but its always cool to see in echhi/hentai images; she sure are enjoy this action ;D and are with a maximum level of pleasure ) and her facial model(wtih great smal color details like the flowers on her hair). her body also are looking awesome(because the nice textures in the body as said above), showing some nice breast(with a nice look because the pose).

    great work my friend, this high detalied hentai picture sure become a very welcome surprise for me. I hope to see even more awesome, and more heavy/hot action(with beatyfull caracters) in your next pictures/fanart. keep up the nice job my friend.

    hope to see this picture more soon as possible!!!

  2. patrick tisinrei
    Thank you very much. For this picture I'm experimenting with a style of coloring a bit more labored.

    yeah, I like this kind of expressions hehehe, I don't remember how they call this style but a good example of this style is the art of shindol :D


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