miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010

Gwen and Raven Commission

En esta ocasión les voy a presentar una comisión que hice recientemente para cheetaur (gracias por permitirme publicarla). En el dibujo aparecen Raven (Teen Titans) y Gwen (Ben 10) luciendo sus cuerpos en traje de baño.


This time I'll present a commission I did recently for cheetaur (thank you for allowing me to publish the picture). The drawing is a bit ecchi and presents to Raven (Teen Titans) and Gwen (Ben 10) showing her body in a bathing suit.

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  1. Lovely!!!

  2. this picture is incredible, a long time I want see a raven in your new style of drawing. :D

    I can already tell that this image will be very cool and sexy on the final stage. I really liked the pose and facial expression of the two girl(why raven is so annoyed?:D ). surely you did a great job on the model and appearance of the body of Gwen and raven (they look great and very attractive).

    of all Details already present in this two characters, the beautiful and long legs/hips, the look/texture and transparency of bikini(I liked this particular light ecchi detail :D) and her breasts are the best details that with color will got even better. :D

    another amazing work/commission my friend, like alwais:). I am very excited to see this pic completed/colored.

    in my opnion, i Will really like to see this pic of Gwen and Raven with a model/body more mature, to allow you to put more sensational and sexy curves.

  3. patrick_22 Thank you very much for your comment, I hope soon to begin work on the color version. :D



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