martes, 13 de julio de 2010

Previo Hot Summer Gwen

Un pequeño adelanto de mi siguiente fanart (o al menos uno de ellos) "Hot Summer Gwen".
-¿Podrías ponerme un poco de protector solar?
A little preview of my next fanart "Hot Summer Gwen".
-Could you put some sunscreen?

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  1. this picture of Gwen is amazing and very sensual/sexy. I certainly did not expect a picture of the type but it's good to see and know that you still using the same style of face and body more mature in the images of gwen as in his last picture in the DA (certainly allows you to more beautiful and sensual curves on her :D ).

    about gwen, she are look so sexy .... and hot! This pose is really sensational and it is highly appropriate for this subject/theme (I doubt that anyone can find a better pose :D ), showing all the beautiful curves of gwen, since the long and beautiful legs, until her nice and perfect/sexy ass (that would probably be shining because of sun or sunscreen).

    one of the things I'm really excited to see is how her body had been in the final version. I really hope to see many lighting effects, showing the body of Gwen lightly tanned and also showing her legs and her ass shining / or eith "wet" effects because of the tanning oil or sunscreen on her body. but I believe that you will surprise me again my friend^^, showing colors and textures that I can only imagine.

    even the details and size/appearance of her breasts are great/attractive (I will like to see her tanning lines in a next pic :D ). for me the best detail (after her sexy ass) is still the model of gwen face´s and her facial expression.

    she looks so happy and beautiful, really should be enjoying the beach.
    I would love to be the lucky one who will be passing the tanning oil/sunscreen in the beautiful body of gwen. :D

    this more mature look of her face is great. of all the artists that I know you are one of the best in making facial expressions and face models for gwen (besides the grimphaton which is also very good).

    you always impress me man, but this time surpassed any other occasion. I am already really excited to see this whole picture and see it in your blog (duendeblog) and on HF in a possible naked version maybe :D(I doubt that the deviantart leave post this picture. is too hot for them :D:D ).

    Now some questions sir:

    1: For many images of this series "hot summer" do you want?

    2: all are in this light echhi style? (which in my view is great) or will be some pic more light to the DA or more heavey for HF(also good too)?

    3: there will be also other characters, both of the same series (or future oblige charmcaster gwen)or others series (such as Rukia from bleach, naruto sakura or other?).

    4 if you're open to suggestions, you could provide me the idea for the next one poses pics?

    p.s¹: I liked the book details the background and the crab. cool. :)

    p.s²: answering the topic question: but of course yes, gwen. ^^

  2. De hecho pude! ¿Cómo has estado haciendo HvonD? No me creo que hemos hablado el uno al otro en un tiempo.

  3. Thank you very much patrick_22

    I don't had planned to do this drawing like part of the "Hot Summer" series, was something I thought of last minute.

    deviantart is not an option for the finished drawing, but you can see here on the blog and most likely in HF.

    1. I have thought that the series is composed of at least five drawings.

    2. I think it's a bit of everything, but maybe the others are a bit less ecchi.

    3. The ideas is to select characters from different series, but not required.

    4. Of course, suggestions are welcome.

  4. Hola digiharrisom

    Aquí trabajando en algunas ideas para fanarts y también terminando los últimos detalles del guión para mi proyecto de Comix "Invaders", luego les cuento a detalle :D

    Gusto en saluudarte.

  5. "1. I have thought that the series is composed of at least five drawings. "

    good news sir. :)

    "2. I think it's a bit of everything, but maybe the others are a bit less ecchi."


    "3. The ideas is to select characters from different series, but not required."

    that looks cool and trully interesting. I will wait for then. :D

    "4. Of course, suggestions are welcome."

    about this, I already have one suggestion/good reference in mind but I'll wait until this pic is complete.

    thanks for reply. :)


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