domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010

Drew Saturday is back

Acabo de terminar de limpiar este dibujo, lo hice basándome en un sketch que tenía guardado desde 2009  y marcar el regreso al blog de Drew Saturday del show "Los Sábados Secretos" o "The Secret Saturdays".

Voy a ver si en los próximos días me pongo trabajar en los colores. También estoy viendo la posibilidad de subir el trazo a deviantart a ver quién se anima a meterle color, ya lo decidiré mañana, por lo pronto les dejo el trazo, espero les guste.

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  1. man this pic is fantastic, drew has a amazing model in your style and also a great body indeed. is great to see that you still care and renew old fanart/sketch(they are surely too amazing to be denied/forgeted).

    about this pic, I will try say/highlight the best details:

    the most impressive detail are the weapon, its looks amazing and very well shaped. her body also has a outstading model, with amazing curves(especially in her nice/sexy ass; amazing/curvy indeed) and other details(face model/expression).

    great job sir, hope to a great colorist give to her nice colors/textures(please tell me if you find one :D ).

  2. Thank you very much Patrick. I based on an episode of the series to draw the pose and the gun, but with small changes.

    Of course I'll tell you where you can find a color version. :)


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