lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

Gwen and Raven colors

Aquí les dejo la versión final de la comisión de Raven  y Gwen que hice para Cheetaur. Espero que les guste.
This is the final version of the Raven and Gwen commission. I did this drawing to Cheetaur. I hope you like it.

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  1. now yes, this pic is really outstanding, its even more amazing and sexy than I expected(the transparent swinsuit is very sexy indeed and , at same time, something standard in beach theme).

    about this pic it´s has you r great style of coloris: nice choice of colors and texturs(the texturs of gwen bbody and the swinsuit of both caracters are amazing), great use of shadding/light effects and good anatomical details.

    about this sexy witchs, both looks amazing indeed. both has nice expression and pose(gwen she really knows how to get attention. its a shame that Raven is feeling a bit out of place). both has a amazing body indeed, witn a nice breast (I like her apparence/texture, even better with this wet tight/transparent swinsuit; but its gwen or raven with has the bigger boobs ;p ) great hips(gwen hips looks more better) and good legs.

    something that I want see in this pic(mabyye the commissioner dont ask/think on it)/future pic in the beach are some sexy tan lines. in this pic tan lines in the hips of gwen would be fantastic to see.

    surely a nice pic, hope to raven enjoy the beach as many as gwen(also give some tan color/lines to raven skin, is too withe now :D :D ).

    a wonderful commission my friend. hope to see more caracter combination like this in the future.

  2. Thank you very much for the comment patrick, I quite enjoyed coloring this drawing.

    I tried to give a tone even hotter to the picture with the bathing suits XD


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