martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010

Hot summer Gwen, avance color

Como sé que algunos están esperando este dibujo, les dejo un pequeño adelanto, espero tenerlo completamente terminado antes de finalizar el año, ¡felices fiestas!.

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  1. WOW, this preview looks awesome, even more nice than I expected!! sure the final work will become outstanding! :D

    about the, its has you nice standard: great choice of colors and textures(her body textreas are nice), shadding and light effects(the light effects make her body shinny; its perfect for beach themed fanart like this one) and other small but important details(like her hair, bikini model and crab:D).

    about gwen, she looks awesome and even more sensual with this nice colors and textures. I like especially more the hair and face appearence(you have the coolest/amazing facial model for gwen that I have see:D). surely now her body are looking even more hot and detailed, making her nice body looks atracttive and very realist indeed.

    gwens body looks amazing in this light efects and textures, making her breast looks great in this pose(nice size even in this pose ;p), her long leg´s looks amazing and with the help of the light effects withs become even more amazing(with a nice textures and look; dawn she has a thick leg indeed). but sure the best details are her shinny/amazing ASS!!(with a perfect size,texture and look!! I am waitng to see that for a long time indeed; dawn, DAT SHINNY ASS PLZ XD).

    to the final pic I have some suggestion:

    ¹in the case can you add to her breast/body a small tan line effect? maybe add a nice extra detail to gwen pose.

    ² you have plan to add some kind of wet effects on her body? sure this will fits perfectly on the beach theme.

    ³ do you have a plan to make a alternative/other version of this pic? maybe remove her bikini can create a nice ecchi/hentai picture indeed. but is already look nice in this way, just want know for this kind of possibilty.;D

    great work my friend you really dont stop to amazes/impress me(I cant stop to look at gwen ass !!!!! its so shinny and hot o_0), I cant wait for the final picure: if this pic already look perfect, the final pic will be outstanding.

    p.s: dawn lucky crab!!! :D

  2. Great work as always HvonD! Happy Holidays!

  3. Thank you very much for your comments.
    I'll take your suggestion into consideration and try to put more details in color.

    I had not thought of an alternative version, but I'll see what I can do about it.


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