miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

Hot Summer Gwen Inks

Un previo que seguramente a muchos les gustará. Se trata de la versión entintada del dibujo "Hot Summer Gwen", espero les guste, ya nada más esta pendiente la versión a color.

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  1. surely a awesome news indeed my friend, since 13/07/2010 I an waiting dor some update in this pic and finnaly its happens. :D

    nice work with the ink lines sir, now her body looks more "clean" and even nice to look; I also like that you have made some small "update" like her face model/expression(looks more detailed and cool), in the crab(it look nice too ;D ) and other places too(sunscreen looks more nice now).

    great work my friend, hope to you made a outstanding job with the colors,textures, shaddding and other effects, surely I want to see a nice shinny and wet curvy body ;D.

    try make gwen be more awesome and sexy as possible, surely this pic can be one of your best/more sexy picture about her in this year. :)

    p.s: she still need the sunscreen? I am availble to make it. XD


  2. almost forget it: can you add some wonderful/sexy tan lines on gwen body sir? would be nice to see it. ;D

  3. Thank you very much for your comment Patrick.
    really been that long? wow :D

    I'll try that this drawing will meet your expectations.

  4. YES!!! YES!!! ¡Ya quería ver este! Tu Gwen siempre es muy bien recibida.

  5. Muchas gracias darkknightstrikes, ya solo falta verla a color.


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