jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011

Starfire Sketch

Este es un sketch rápido de Starfire (Teen Titans) que hice en un de mis pocos momentos de ocio (en serio, son pocos jejeje). Me gusta como luce así que es muy probable que pronto empiece a trabajar en una versión detallada y a color de este mismo dibujo.

-- This is a quick sketch of Starfire (Teen Titans) I did it in one of my  leisure moments (seriously, I don't have enough moments like these :D). I like how looks, so it is very likely I begin to work on a detailed and colored version of the this picture in the next days.--

Lo siento... puerta equivocada...!

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  1. wow!!!! that picture is outstanding, its freaking amazing to see a new 2011 starfire model from you my friend, especially with a amazing situation and posture like this one. ;D

    about stafire, she looks sensational my freidn, great work on her facel model(her face looks awesome and a bit sexy indeed) and posture, sure each model and fanart that you made with her increse and improve some details in her.

    this situation its kind nice to see i am really satisfied how its look´s(sure will let you add some nice wet effects to her body XD). also great work on her curves, give to starfire some nice legs and hips(that looks great) and a amazing pair of breast(with a perfect size and texutre look), sure you focus her posture to it, and give a nice squeeze efects on her boobs.

    outstanding work my friend, as the gwen picture I wll wait for a amazing and epic color job to this picture. ;D

  2. Thank you very much patrick tisinrei.

    I'm glad you like it, This time I tried to make her more like the animated version. I hope to work soon on the final version.

  3. @HvonD

    quite indeed sir, sure you have focus in a more "animated version" style to her face. this also give a more "realistic"/original details to her model too.

    in any case, its a very welcome new fanart my friend. ;D

  4. Jajaja ya quisiera yo que mis equivocaciones tuvieran siempre tan afortunadas consecuencias :D


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