viernes, 18 de febrero de 2011

Winry preview

Les comparto un pequeño avance del fanart de Winry en el que estoy trabajando. Pueden ver el boceto en mi galería de HF. 
Winry says hello. A preview of my next fanart. You can see the sketch in my HF gallery.

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  1. wow!!!, that picture its outstanding sir!! winry sure its in a amazing posture and the amazing background sure made this picture on of your best/high-detailed hentai/echhi fanart so far. :D

    nice job with winry model sir, she looks fantastic, its a amazing expression and posture; theyr body looks great and sure her has awesome ass indeed(with a great size,texture and look; and with this pose its become even more better).

    for some reason, always when I look to this fanart I think its samus not winry. both are nice blonde chicks that has a similar look in your style. ;p

    nice job with the colors and body textures sir, also nice job in light effects(especially on her ass XD).

    in this pic, what made it epic its the nice detalied background with nice objects(for the theme) and other small light/textures effects, espically with the gwen picure in the tv screen(its some kind of suggestion thhat what winry want to play?! o_0 what happens to her in this after the valentine days?! XD ).

    a awesome and unexpected fanart sir, hope to see even more nice and differents caracters/situatiosn in your amazing/high detalied style. and hope to see some nice sequel for that picture(winry sure deserve/want some nice work on her). ;D

    p.s: now, if you draw some peach fanart, you will have draw the most hottest and +fav anime/game blonde girl maded far. XD

  2. Thank you very much patrick tisinrei I'm glad you liked this preview and the final version.

    Surely that picture on the monitor has given a couple of ideas to Winry :D

  3. Me gustó mucho la idea general (me gustaría ver como usa los dildos :)

    Ya lo puse en mis favoritos en HF.

    Buen dibujo, HvonD.

  4. Muchas gracias darkknightstrikes

    Me alegra que te haya gustado mi dibujo, voy a ver si mas adelante hago otro para darle seguimiento a la situación :)


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