domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

Hot summer peach sketch

Primero que nada agradezco a todos los que votaron en la encuesta, la ganadora como ya se habrán dado cuenta fue Peach (Super Mario Bros). Decidí incluirla como parte de la serie Hot Summer así que la ilustración será dentro de esa misma temática y estilo de color. Para muestra les dejo el sketch de esta famosa princesa, nunca antes la había dibujado así que espero que les agrade como luce en mi estilo.

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  1. She's so beautiful here! I love how you draw her eyes!

  2. wow that picture is amazing my friend, peach has a amazing and cute look as expected but with a insaly hot body. ;D

    good work on her model, sure one of coolest/cute that I already see(even to her matura body, her face still cute :) ). a outstanding work on her nice hair and facial model/expression sure boost her cute/sweet appearence. :D

    however her body is really hot and its size/mature look let you add some sexy curves indeed, as in her nice legs/hips(her thong looks great) and on her nice breast indeed(with a good size and texture).

    I am really amazed and suprised with the extreme quality of this previous sketchs and this picture too. also I hope that you found/has the ncessary time and inspiration to color all this amazing pictures.

    I am also suprised because(as I said before) the only sexy blonde that need be in your style is peach, and now she has a outstanding fanart jst waiting for colors.:D thanks for the consideration of my suggest(in winry pictures) sir.

    p.s: dont frget te nice textures and possblie tan lies for this beatyfull beach themed picture my friend!!!

  3. Thank you very much digiharrisom I would not know how to draw her eyes, in the end I decided on this style. :)

  4. Thank you very much patrick tisinrei I'm glad you like it. I hope to soon begin work on the colors.

  5. Un trabajo sin dudas estupendo camarada, mis felicitaciones...


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