jueves, 3 de marzo de 2011

Un avance de mi nuevo fanart, Drew Saturday (de nuevo)

Les dejo un pequeño avance de lo que será mi próximo fanart de Drew Saturday, otro de los personajes que ya empieza a volverse habitual en mi galería. Espero les guste.

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  1. that sketch Its already looks amazing my friend, sure drew saturday is a amazing caracter and has the perfect caracterist for your style and for a more sexy/spice situation/posture like that.

    about her, I love when the secret satuday come to CN because its has some badass caracters and some hot chicks as drew saturday. she is particular better than others caracters because her age (that allow add to her picture more situation and curves without problem ;D) and her nice outfit and sexy appeal/way to be.

    great work on her facial expression, she looks so cute and sexy with the same time(maybe she already is expecting or suggesting something ;D). everyting with the amazing color details, her cute expression looks even more nice.
    in this sketch her looks to be in a interesting positon, to show her main focus(legs and ass).XD I hope that you add some nice details or some more heavy action in this area, I really want to see a nice shinny ass.;D

    in fact, you really like to give that back pose to drew XD(as your last picture). this however is a perfect choice for her and sure fits with her atributes.:)

    about the picture, nice work with textures and the amazing small color details in her face.

    a great fanart/sketch my friend, thanks for sharing this with us. I already hoping to this picture become so oustanding as the others.

    also I hope that drew saturday as gwen and starfire become always your favorite caracter and always return every year with a amazing and even more improved model, curves and details.:D

    p.s: she takes the same thing of winry did? its apears to have the same effects on her too. XD

  2. Thank you very much for your comment patrick tisinrei

    And almost finished, I just need to detail the hair and perhaps add a simple background.

    You might be surprised, not only shows his ass, it is a completely explicit sex picture. XD

  3. @HvonD

    "You might be surprised, not only shows his ass, it is a completely explicit sex picture. XD"

    wow that soudns pretty amazing and I already am very surprised that what you said; sure this time you will show a more heavy interaction with this nice MILF. XD

    hope that this picture be so amazing as the gwen/winry posture but with alot of action. ;D


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