miércoles, 20 de abril de 2011

Sobre las nubes, Starfire

Finalmente terminé este dibujo de Starfire (Teen Titans) que tenía entre mis pendientes desde hace ya un buen rato, espero les guste. Más tarde actualizo mi galería en deviantart con una versión a un poco más grande.

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  1. a oustanding work my friend, sure is amazing to see the old model of starfire(especially her hair) with her cool and more sexy new "teen titans" outfit!! :D

    sure stafire is a quite interesting caracter, both in the comic and on the cartoon, even more in your style. also she always look good on your hands and I really hope to you keep up making even more great and epic model and picture about her in future.:)

    about her, nice posture and facial expression(this flaming hair is awesome and sure the best details in this picture); her outfit is looking really nice and sure give a amazing/modern look to her nice leg´s and hips( my friend I must say: she has a nice ass indeed!!! XD ), also give a modern ans sexy look to her breast too ;D (nice size and textures).

    great work in the textures(especially the latex of her clothes), the light effects on her outfit and the amazing look on her hair.

    a outstanding work my friend, Its always nice see stafire on your style and I hope to always be like this. :D


  2. Thank you very much for your comment patrick tisinrei

    She is a character I love to draw so it is very likely you can follow seeing pictures of her here.


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