miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011

Starfire Casual II sketch

Este dibujo es uno más de los que traigo en mi charola de pendientes, me gusta bastante la idea asi que lo más probable es que este sea con el que continue tras terminar el dibujo de Peach en el que estoy trabajando (porsupuesto debo pensar en un mejor título). Espero les guste.

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  1. Muy bueno, sobre todo, ese pantalón tan singular que le pusiste, a ver como te queda...

  2. Muchas gracias Tiquitoc, ahora falta ver que tal luce a colores :)

  3. Aww... She got icecream all over her lovely shirt. ^-^

    Great job Hvond!

  4. wow this sketch is amazing indee my friend!! I really like to see this old outfit that you made for stafire renewed/unfortunately!!

    about starfire, she looks awesome in this more mature model; this outfit looks really modern and give a nice bust to stafire looks. I really lihe her nice jeans, that give more details and nice curves to her legs.:)

    her facial expression are sure perfect to this situation funny sitatuion(I like her face model and eyes :D),however that is only sad for starfire because she lost her Ice cream and now someone needs clean/lick her shirt ;D.

    can I do it for her? or her will take her shirt off and lick/clean herself? XD

    talking about shirt, nice job on it, sure is well made and give a more younger look(compared to her mature size). her nice jeans are easely the best details, making her hips looks great and leg´s looks thicker and sexy!!

    a nice fanart with your unique touch and models sir! I really want see this fanart with your amazing color job too!! ;D

  5. Thank you very much patrick tisinrei. I'm glad you like the model and don't worry, someone would probably buy her a new one. :D


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