domingo, 22 de agosto de 2010

Charmcaster - Wrong Spell

Finalmente la versión a color, no hay mucho que decir, disfrútenla.
At last the color version, no too much to say about this pic, enjoy it.

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  1. -Desenho e cores perfeitos,Parabéns.
    -Great drawing and colors. COngratulations!

  2. thank you very much HOTDESIGNS :D

  3. dude this image was sensational! was much better than I could imagine. you did a good job with the colors and textures.

    the texture of her body was great (especially in the breasts and in face of charmcaster). facial expression / model of the face and her hair looked great (much better with its excellent color).

    surely you did a great job on her. The appereance and texture of her legs/ass and her breasts are sensational and very sexy.

    an extraordinary job. you never cease to impress me my friend.

  4. thank you very much patrick_22, I'm glad you liked it, especially considering that you are big fan of the character. :)

  5. Esa sí que es la Hechicera que yo sueño...
    Te debo felicitar. Felicidades. El resultado es excelentemente plausible...


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