viernes, 6 de agosto de 2010

Misa Misa

No hay mucho que decir, se trata de un fanart de Misa Amane del anime Death Note, espero que les guste. (aún no decido si publicarlo en deviantart o en HF).
No too much to say. A fanart of Misa Amane from Death Note Anime, I hope you like it. (I'm not sure if publish this one on deviantart or HF).

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  1. Bueno, yo no estoy en el anime Death Note, pero esta chica se ve muy bonito. Edad determina donde debe su puesto

  2. dude, this fanart is amazing ! it is very beautiful and different than I'm used to seeing in your gallery (and different means cool).

    about the pic, you did a great job at the anatomical parts as in the level of detail in pic. the body of Misa Amane are perfect, beautiful/simple and sexy. :D

    good job man, although I only know a little about this anime, I like your fanart.

  3. digiharrison muchas gracias por tu comentario.

  4. patrick_22 Thank you very much. This time I decided to include some more detail with the pencils, I'm glad you liked it.

  5. Fantastic!
    So Hot, So beautiful!

  6. Thank you very much HOTDESIGNS-EdHD, I'm glad you liked it.

  7. Eres un maestro. Me inclino ante tu gran habilidad.


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