miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010

Gwen old sketch

eEstaba haciendo algo de limpieza -tirando algunos dibujos viejos y trabajos en general que por su calidad nunca llegaron a ver la luz- cuando por casualidad me topé con una carpeta de bocetos, creo que hay algunas ideas interesantes entre este material. Este que les presento en particular decidí conservarlo, quizás aporte algunas ideas para una próxima ilustración. (Espero no haberla publicado antes).
I was cleaning a bit and throwing away some old drawings and another works because of its quality never saw the sun light, when by chance I came across a sketches folder, I think there are some interesting ideas on this material.I decided to keep this drawing in particular, I think maybe it can provide some ideas for a new illustration. (I only hope not to have published before.)

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  1. I must say that this sketch is very impressive and unexpected. is very good to know that you still care and review your old pictures and sketches. Also it is nice to know that you can use this pic/sketch in your future fanarts. :)

    about the pic, she's with a wonderful/nice appearance, and certainly very different from your current model/fanarts. this pic is good to compare the development of your style and techniques of drawing.

    about gwen, she has an appearance very cool/sweet and interesting in this pic, and, at the same time, with a body/model very attractive/sexy. her facial expression and the model's face gwen this pic is very interesting (I particularly likes this model but I prefer your current model, a more mature appearance is much better). the level of detail in the body and clothes gwen (the clothes are in an great texture even without color!) are other great details in this pic and shows even more the quality of your old style of drawing.

    about the body of Gwen, it looks fantastic, you did a great job with the curves of her body. would be great to see those same curves/pose in a more mature pic(allows you to put more sexy curves in gwen). her breasts are with a good appearance/size (considering the size of gwen in this pic).

    but the best detail are her wonderful/sexy legs/hips and ass :D. you did a good job with the curves and textures of the legs and hips (the appearance of the jeans is amazing too!). her ass has a outstanding curves is with an incredible appearance/texture, making her even more sexy in this pose (you did a excellent job in this area man:D)

    excellent image. I'm really happy to have seen it and excited to see this pic revised or supplemented/combined in your new style (maybe even with a more mature appearance:)).

    once again, excellent job.


  2. thank you very much patrick_22
    This version looks with a little more of curves :D and remember me a little to other pic on my DA gallery, a fanart of harleyqueen.

  3. "This version looks with a little more of curves :D and remember me a little to other pic on my DA gallery, a fanart of harleyqueen."

    trully agreed sir. this pic remember your Harley Quinn(she really has a nice curvy body with a awesome ass in your fanart. :)).

    certainly this style focus on curves are great(will be even better with your new new technique of coloring). a more curvy gwen is trully welcome to see. :D


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